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Medium: hand-made paper, hand-cut Tyvek Paper and branches 
Installation At 

  • Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival as part of Solo Show
    for Al Qasimi Foundation Artist in Residence Programme

Footprints is a celebration of the relationship between nature and humankind. Inspired by these elements, the installation explores the ongoing dialogue between these two entities, as one continues to take over the other—like water washing over footprints—and yet neither stops moving. The artists intent behind this piece was to create a reflection on the common characteristics and duality of both elements: both being so strong yet equally fragile. It also highlights how our presence on earth affects nature, and vice versa: we leave our marks on our surroundings as we pass through them, but those marks will eventually wash away or be reclaimed by nature in turn. This installation is a tribute to the natural beauty and architectural heritage of Ras Al Khaimah, drawing inspiration from the region’s iconic flowers and plants, such as arabian almonds, wild carnations, asphpdel lily, broom bush and mangroves, as well as its historic landmarks like Al Jazeerat Al Hamrah, Dhayah Fort and Falayah Fort. The installation is made of paper, hand-cut and for some parts, hand-made from plants found in Ras Al Khaimah such as sansevieria, artichoke, and yucca. Each piece has been meticulously created to offer a surrealistic journey through the amalgamation of nature and man-made spaces..


Medium: Hand cut Paper Art and Spray Paint      
Installation At 

  • World Art Dubai 2020,

  •  DIFC Art Night 2020

  • Shanghai International Paper Biennale 2021

Our country, cosmopolitan & diverse, always encompassing acceptance and respect, understanding that each individual is unique & recognizing our individual differences, along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, & physical abilities. My Installation is inspired by this diversity. It is the exploration of these differences in a safe, positive & nurturing environment. My figures are a recognition that no one culture is intrinsically superior to another. A proof that Diversity is a beautiful strong weave. The figures are presented in a way that it feels like they are living in that moment and all those moments have converged together in one platform, representing the unity


Medium: Hand cut Paper Art and Spray Paint      
Installation At 

  • Sikka Art Fair 2021,

  • World Art Dubai 2023

life is a constant journey. Its path is filled with multiple milestones. Each soul passes these milestones through its own set of vicissitudes, emotions, and adventures. The “Gateway” is an exploration of life through a journey and is an attempt to perceive its bigger picture Each door in this installation represents a phase of life, which is to be experienced before entering the next. the play of light and shadows depicts the highs and lows of life. The journey through this portal is a sublime representation of life, sprituality, and the greater journey.


Medium: Hand cut Paper Art with glow in dark paint     
Installation At 

  • Installation At MOTN Festival 2021
    Commissioned by AbuDhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism


Medium: Hand cut Paper Art and Spray Paint      

Installation At Sikka Art Fair 2019

Shanghai International Paper Biennale 2023

One of the qualities of tolerance is, accepting others irrespective of their origin. Just like how birds migrate from one place to the other people have started migrating in the present world. World is not confined to a single location. Home is where time takes us. We build our little nests where we go. One looks for acceptance in the new home and how he is accpeted and melds into new customs while keep his own identity becomes a collective responsibility. Murmuration inquires into the feeling of acceptance in new community and how well he grows and becomes an important part of it. In my work the bird flocks into trees depicting the new homecoming. It shows the diverse streams of human migration, coming together, acceptance of diversity and blossoming together as a single entity proclaiming the message of tolerance.